A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Prime Orbit is a first-person puzzle/platformer in which players take on the role of a stranded Cosmonaut. Solve puzzles with the help of your mostly helpful ship AI and search for a functional ship on which to escape the planet.


  • Interactive three-dimensional puzzles that present increasingly difficult challenges as you progress
  • Voice-acted robot companion with subtitles
  • First and third-person camera transitions during interactions
  • Full body awareness in first-person
  • A sleek, minimalistic art style with primitive geometry

About Development

Created by a team of five online Game Design students from Full Sail University for their final project over the course of four months. We will be submitting our game to IndieCade 2015.


Trae Bailey // Team Lead/Programmer

John Kester // Lead Level Designer/QA

Josh Contreras // Lead QA/Level Designer

Daniel Shcraad // Lead Narrative/Level Designer/VFX Artist

Kadan Sharpe // Creative Director/Lead Artist


If you're interested, you can view our postmortem presentation video here.

Thank you for checking out Prime Orbit. We hope you enjoy playing it!

Install instructions

Download zipped package and extract all files. Once extracted click on the .exe file to launch game.

Recommended Settings

Resolution: 1440 x 900 or higher

Graphics Quality: Fantastic

Build: v 1.0.1


Prime Orbit.zip 198 MB
Prime Orbit_Mac.app.zip 199 MB